I mean you seem like a sweet guys so I'm just returning the favor :)

well thanks noners why are you on anon lol?

Well let's see... I could go down on in while you're driving the jeep, taking your hard cock all the way in moaning against it as your hands tense on the steering wheel... if you'd like ;)

sounds good to me hahah 

I'm happy I could help. It's such a cute smile, it should always be on that handsome face of yours. :)

it was real sweet of you =)

I like jeeps more than trucks anyways so that's perfect ;) I'm sure you'd find a way to give me what I want...

oh im sure i could too hehe 

Let's find a road to no where and you can bend me over your tailgate handsome ;)

i dont have a tailgate i drive a jeep ….but im pickn up what youre puttn down you wan dz sexy timez i gotchu 

Why are you so cute. I can't handle your gifs :) :3

aww thanks anon you made me smile =))

"You said you were afraid of losing me and then you faced your fear and left."

and thanks for not saying goodbye (via the-psycho-cutie)

(via ponytail-andaprettysmile)